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Getting Things Done (GTD) is the proven path for getting in control of your world, and maintaining perspective in your life. Much more than a set of tips for time management and organization, GTD is a total work-life management system that transforms overwhelm into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. David Allen, inventor of the GTD methodology, is widely recognized as the world's leading expert on personal and organizational productivity.

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Use an in-tray, notepad, digital list, or voice recorder to capture everything that has your attention. Little, big, personal and professional: all your to-do's, projects, things to handle or finish



Take everything that you capture and ask: Is it actionable? If no, then trash it, incubate it, or file it as reference. If yes, decide the very next action required. If it will take less than two minutes, do it now. If not, delegate it if you can; or put it on a list to do when you can.



Put action reminders on the right lists. For example, create lists for the appropriate categories: calls to make, errands to run, emails to send, etc.



Look over your lists as often as necessary to trust your choices about what to do next. Do a weekly review to get clear, get current, and get creative.



Use your system to take appropriate actions with confidence.

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Whether you are new to or experienced in using the GTD Methodology, we offer Public and In-House seminars and workshops starting from the Level 1 Fundamentals. We guide you along the GTD Path of Mastery from Level 1: Fundamentals through Level 2: Projects & Priorities to Level 3: Focus & Direction. Our Seminars and Workshop are Thought provoking, Engaging and Practical with the participants leaving equipped with the knowledge and understanding of best practices and a working system set up that they can tailor and optimise further to their evolving needs. Once the seminar and workshops completed, we offer on-going support for those who join the China’s growing GTD Community.


Our Executive Workflow Programme is a one-to-one Getting Things Done® training programme. Over the course of day on-site in your workspace, and through a series of targeted follow-up sessions, you will work with our expert to build or expand on your GTD® foundation, fill-in any gaps in your understanding of the methodology, and be set up for long-term and sustainable success in your path of GTD mastery. The program is tailored to you, engaging with your real-time work and tools.


Enterprise Workflow Design and Implementation, NPM Project Management, Strategic Reviews, Effective Decision Making, Productive Meetings, Team Alignment and Engagement are among the most popular consulting services we offer to support the Enterprise wide application and integration of the Getting Things Done Methodology.


Creating a culture of stress-free productivity will make for happier employees and better results. Prepare, motivate, and empower your staff, managers, and front line workers for the constant change and complexity facing today’s business climate. Transform overwhelm and uncertainty into increased stress-free productivity with GTD in-house courses.In this program, we train and certify your experienced internal corporate trainers to deliver the engaging and powerful Mastering Workflow Series within your organization—where and when it is needed. Certification begins with the first level in the series, Fundamentals.


We are often solicited to present the GTD Methodology in either Public or Private events and spaces. We aim to inform and inspire the audience by introducing the core principles for stress-free productivity, applicable to individuals, teams, and whole enterprises, and key techniques that can be immediately implemented. The two key elements of self and organizational management are staying (1) in control and (2) meaningfully focused. Both factors are at risk for more and more people as the speed of change continues to increase in our global, competitive, always-on world. Staying on top of your world—personally, professionally, and organizationally—is a growing challenge. There is a way to navigate this turbulence effectively, in a sustainable way, but it does not happen automatically. It requires the application of specific best practices that can be learned, installed, and habituated.

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